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Growing an app is hard.

App installs are expensive.

Strong App Store Optimization (ASO) and profitable app flows requires years of industry experience.

Many iOS developers can build beautiful apps. But it is nearly impossible to build a successful app alone.

That's why we are here. We want to work with YOU

How it works

  • Set up an initial call with us

  • We will determine the best app for you to build based on market research, your skillset, and your input.


Our Job

  • We will fund ALL advertising costs

  • Conduct heavy market research and implement powerful ASO

  • ​Optimize everything (conversion rates, price points, retention, onboarding, paywalls, ads, etc)


Your Job

  • Develop the App

  • Monthly maintenance (~3-4 hrs/month)


You are a Partner

You will have a significant percentage of all app profits and proceeds in case of an acquisition.

What's in it for you: Likely begin cash flowing as soon as a month within launch, learn about the business of apps, add a personal project to the resume that has thousands (if not millions) of downloads, and enhance your app development skills.

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