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Our Movement


The Problem:

Awareness is one of the most important steps in overcoming an obstacle. Over the last half-decade the App industry has become  increasingly controlled by a few corporations. As a result of this semi-monopolization a few troubling trends have risen to prominence in the market: 

- Apps are catered to businesses instead of people

- Prices have skyrocketed

- Software everyday users need is not being created. 

What we do:

We are a dynamic team of college students working to create innovative apps for the well-being of our users. Our small team is passionate about every stage of the App Development process, from talking to business owners about their needs to scaling large software projects. We find joy in the challenge of helping other people.


Our Mission:

Apps are perhaps the most accessible and convenient problem solving tools we have today. At Fulminare, we believe you should have a solution for every situation on your phone. These solutions should be affordable and intuitive for everyone to use, not just large companies. Our mission is to take on as many human problems as our small team can handle, and create effective app solutions. 

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